Akoya Pearl, also known as Japanese Akoya cultured pearls, is favored for its perfectly round shape, symmetry, and embellishing luster among the pearl lovers. Jewelry designers and fashionistas have an irreplaceable place for Akoya pearls in their hearts. Akoya Pearl is a top preference of women as it symbolizes confidence and high spirit. Akoya Pearl is a vogue and embraces the beauty of attires on the runways, on red carpets, and social media.

What is Akoya pearl?

Akoya pearl is a classic archetypal saltwater cultured pearl and has a distinction from natural pearls. It is cultured in Akoya oysters for more than 2 years. After that, an excellent round shape Akoya pearl is fetched that has thick high nacre & luster. 

Akoya pearls are sourced from Japan to design beautiful Akoya pearl necklaces that have unbelievable mirror-like luster. Akoya pearls are also combined with gemstones like emerald or ruby to make an exquisite gemstone pearl necklace.

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The pearl jewelry industry features stunning Akoya Pearls.

The Beauty of Akoya Pearl:

Akoya Pearl is a beautiful saltwater pearl derived from the Akoya oyster, the smallest commercially farmed oyster that produces pearls. The Akoya pearl size is only 7mm on average, but nowadays, it is harvested in different sizes 1mm to 10-11mm. The most versatile size for Akoya jewelry is 7mm-7.5mm.

The genuine Akoya pearls are inherently rounded in shape and have a bright luster. In the market, you will find various colors of Akoya pearls. The natural colors of these pearls are neutral and overtone, i.e., white to gray with silverish, greenish, or pinkish overtones. A rare Akoya pearl is also seen in blue color with silverish and pinkish overtones, and the most common ones are white Akoya pearls. 

The pearls are never naturally black; if you notice black Akoya jewelry, it could be because of color treatment or cobalt-60 radiation treatment.

Rarity and Value of Akoya Pearl:

Saltwater pearl value and rarity are much higher than freshwater pearls. Saltwater Akoya pearls are the third most valuable commercially produced pearls after Tahitians and the South Sea. The average Akoya pearl price is about $10,000. You can find them in different price ranges, making them perfect for every occasion and budget. These pearls can instantly enhance the luxury level of your jewelry collection.

Akoya Pearl Buying Guide:

♦ The real Akoya pearls have the classic luster, smooth and clean surfaces. Always look for these features whenever shopping for them.

♦ Select the color of the Akoya pearls depending on your attire. Akoya pearls are available in different colors in the market, whereas white Akoya pearls are natural ones.

♦ Select the size of the pearls depending on your facial features. For the petite face, smaller sizes are the best, and for the oval face, the larger sizes would look better.

♦ Finally, examine the knots and strings of the Akoya jewelry to ensure they are well-designed, secure, and will feel comfortable.

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Akoya pearl is a remarkable way to add brightness to your dullest attire. Shop them right from the best place to buy pearls in the world to ensure authenticity.