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Pearls are the most impressive gemstones in the world that come from living creations, i.e Oysters. That's why they are called 'Organic gems.' Depending on the oyster and cultivation method, pearls are of different types. And out of all the types, one of the most valuable pearls is South Sea Pearl.

South Sea Pearls are known as one of the rarest and most precious pearls globally. They are classified for their large sizes. It is believed that the White South Sea pearl is associated with the Moon and offers purity, peace, and good health. At the same time, gold south sea pearl is known for its spotless, simple, and royal appearance that can enhance any outfit.

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What is a South Sea Pearl?

South sea pearls naturally possess high luster or shine or soft reflection due to the large aragonite platelets as compared to any other pearl out there. It is comparatively larger in size than other varieties of pearls like freshwater pearls and Akoya pearls. South sea pearls also have the thickest average nacre of all cultured pearls which makes these pearls more distinctive, valuable, and expensive. 

South Sea Pearls - Origin, Size, Colors

South Sea Pearls are produced by Pinctada Maxima Oyster, found in Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, and Myanmar. They are cultivated in saltwater and have thick nacre layers, between 2 to 4mm, which is double of Akoya pearls. Their size ranges from 9mm to 20mm, and a single pearl takes more than 3 years to cultivate.

White and Golden South Sea pearls are mainly found in the market. They have a multitude of overtones and luster, making them the jewelry designers' favorites. You can find them in round, oval, and button shapes.

Why are South Sea Pearls stunning?

South Sea Pearls have a beautiful, soft luster.

The perfect roundness and smoothness of these pearls are exceptional.

These are defined as Satiny by the pearl experts.

South Sea pearls radiate the glow from within.

White and Golden South Sea pearls have the most divine natural shine, which is hard to find in other pearl types.

How to determine the price of the South Sea Pearls?

The South Sea Pearls price depends on various factors, such as size, shape, luster, color, and surface. When investing in South Sea Pearl, you must always look for these factors.

Size: Large south sea pearls cost more. On average, the size of this pearl ranges from 9 to 20mm.

Shape: South Sea pearl is available in all shapes, but the most valuable one is the perfect round. Now, jewelry designers use all shapes to design white or golden south pearl necklaces, earrings, and other jewelry pieces. So, the price of South Sea pearls can also depend on the jewelry style and its combination with gold, silver, or other gemstones.

♦ Luster: South Sea pearl with more metallic and luxurious luster is most valuable. It should reflect the face of the person who is looking at it.

Color: White south sea pearls with metallic finish and golden south pearl with dark and golden appearance are more costly.

Surface: The clearer south sea pearls with no spots and bumps are most valuable.

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So, if you are looking for timeless pearl jewelry, invest in South Sea pearls. Even South Sea pearl earrings or south sea pearl necklaces can also become the perfect gift for someone you love. These will always be a classy yet conventional, simple yet rich option.